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Plushögskolan - Membership

Issued by Yrkeshögskoleförbundet

Plushögskolan is a member of the Vocational College Association (YHF).

As a member of YHF, you are offered an active network of educators, and an invitation to YH-Forum twice per year.

You and your organization take part in development projects, news, as well as access to the latest information about the development of Vocational Colleges in Sweden, and invitations to conferences and seminars. The Swedish Vocational College Association is an asset for legally responsible education providers within Vocational Colleges. Our members are municipalities, county councils and private educational organizations.

We also arrange training for Vocational teachers.

Together we develop and improve the Vocational Colleges in Sweden.

The Membership is secured with blockchain technology by TRUE, which enables it to be verified both in digital form as well as when printed.

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